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New Film Shines Light on War-Time Medicine
by Lauren Effronr
ABC News


Editor's Pick: Heroes and Hospitals
by Jack Feuer
UCLA Magazine


Film Comes to the Defense of Embattled School
by Steve Vogel

Serving Military Medicine
by Bernadine Healy, MD
US News & World Report

Tom Hanks Interview Excerpt
by Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
(60 KB)

'Fighting for Life Shows Real Blood'
by Ann Hornaday
(222 KB)

'A Savior for Those Who Save Lives in War'
by Ellen McCarthy
Washington Post
(222 KB)

'Variety' Review of Fighting for Life
by John Anderson
(106 KB)

Robert MacNeil Letter Excerpt
Former Host
MacNeil / Lehrer Newshour
(112 KB)